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Additional Expertise with Trusts and Inheritance

Prior to establishing Whalen Financial Planning, I spent approximately seven years as a Trust Administrator and Trust Implementation Manager for Fidelity Personal Trust Company, FSB. In addition, I hold the CTFA (Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor) designation, which is a credential that is earned through specialized training and experience with trusts and estates. 

Hands holding a tree being used to represent the care that we put into making estate planning decisions.


Inherited assets present unique challenges from both a practical and emotional standpoint. The assets you receive from an inheritance might not be ideal for what you should be holding at your stage in life. You may feel added responsibility to make the right decisions that you would not feel if you had received the same amount of money in a different manner. My role is to help you incorporate your new holdings into your overall financial plan, while also respecting the complexity of the situation.

A picture of a grandfather and granddaughter playing together. Represents the connection between grantors, trustees and beneficiaries.


Trust distribution instructions can be complex and have specialized tax considerations. I use my experience with trust administration to help clients approach decisions and protect themselves in the same ways that corporate trustees do. In addition, I can help with tasks such as consolidating trust assets, updating cost basis and I can work with your existing legal and tax professionals.

A hiker helping another hiker up onto a large rock. Represents the help that Whalen Financial Planning provides to trust beneficiaries.


I support the unique needs of trust beneficiaries including: planning involving trust distributions, preparing for how the trust may impact your own estate plan and making sure you are aware of all your options as a beneficiary. If needed, I can also help you to position distribution requests with the trustee in ways that make it easier for the trustee to approve.