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Financial Planning

Together, we will gain an understanding of where you are now, examine the available options, and create a strategy for your goals. As a fee-only financial planner, my compensation never includes commissions. Clients pay me for my work, not insurance companies and brokerage firms.

Fees for the Initial Financial Plan 

First, you and I determine what the scope of work for your plan will be.  Then, I  provide you with a fee estimate based upon the projected number of hours needed. The fee estimate is calculated at my hourly rate (currently $235 per hour). The cost for a written plan that includes 2 meetings to go over the plan is typically in the $4,000 to $10,000 range.

If you wish to have your investments professionaly managed, please note that the cost of your financial plan can be used to reduce the first four quarters of investment management fees. The investment management fee reduction can be equal to up to half the cost of your financial plan.      

Other Options

If you want ideas and perspective from a Certified Financial Planner™, but not a financial plan, go to Financial Planning Consultation under the Services menu above.  

How I Help

Big Picture Goals

  • Achieving financial peace of mind
  • Protecting or creating family wealth
  • Having work become optional 


  • Simplifying
  • Reducing investment fees
  • Tax sensitive investment strategies
  • Eliminating risks that can be removed through diversification  
  • Strategy for employee benefits such as stock purchase plans, restricted stock units, and health savings accounts  

Retirement Planning  

  • Setting a date for retirement
  • When to file for social security   
  • Pension decisions such as whether to accept a lump-sum or a lifetime payout
  • Cash flow planning to create a paycheck in retirement
  • Establishing a safe spending rate to make sure assets last a lifetime 

Reducing Taxes

  • Obtaining a larger tax benefit from existing charitable gifts   
  • Determining if doing a Roth IRA conversion makes sense
  • Reducing capital gains and ordinary income taxes
  • Placing investments in the type of account that they are best suited for (asset location)

Areas Outside the Focus of My Practice 

I recommend working with a different financial planner if your objectives call for an advisor who provides the services shown below.  

  • Evaluating new purchases of investment real estate
  • Plans in which the primary focus is on student loans
  • Accountability partner for overspending   
  • Strategies involving cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin) 
  • Stock picking  
  • Market timing (trying to determine the exact right time to move in and out of the stock market)   


Step 1: Schedule an Initial Call 

The first step towards a financial plan is to schedule a phone call with me using the link below. The objective of this call is to see if we will be a good fit to work together.

Click Here to Schedule an Initial Phone Call

Step 2: Initial Call 

We will have a brief discussion regarding your needs. If it appears that we are a good fit to work together toward creating a financial plan, I will suggest that we schedule a Get Acquainted Meeting. 

Step 3: Confidential Questionnaire

I will email you a link to a confidential questionnaire, which I will ask you to complete at least 2 days prior to our Get Acquainted Meeting. 

Step 4: Get Acquainted Meeting

The purpose of this step is to determine the scope of work and provide you with a fee estimate based upon the number of hours I expect your plan to take me to prepare and present. 

Step 5: Data Gathering

If you decide to engage my services, I will provide you with a list of additional information that is needed in order to begin formulating your financial plan. A portion of the total fee estimate will be due, but will be limited to the lesser of $500 or half of the fee estimate.

Step 6: Analysis 

After receiving the requested information, I will begin to review and develop your custom financial plan. If necessary, I will contact you to clarify the information that you provided and further discuss your financial goals and objectives.

Step 7: Presentation and Discussion

We review your personal financial plan together, which typically happens over the course 2 meetings. 

Step 8: Follow-up

In the 30 days following plan delivery I will answer up to 30 minutes of follow-up questions at no cost to you regarding the existing analysis. For information on our continued work together, please see Investments & Plan Updates