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Financial Planning

Some clients only want or need me to look at a few areas and others prefer that I examine multiple issues and prepare a detailed financial plan. Examples of needs that I commonly address include: retirement planning, investment strategy, trust and estate planning, home purchases, college funding, risk analysis, and adjusting to unexpected change.

My Process

Step 1: Inquiry

When you contact me, we will have a brief discussion regarding your needs and I will answer your questions about my services. If we both feel that working together may make sense then we schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is for both of us to gather enough information to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. By the end of the meeting or shortly thereafter, I will create a proposal that includes a fee estimate.

Step 3: Data Gathering

If you decide to engage my services, I will provide you with a list of additional information that is needed in order to begin formulating your financial plan. A portion of the total fee estimate will be due, but will be limited to the lesser of $500 or half of the fee estimate.

Step 4: Analysis and Goal Setting

After receiving the requested information, I will begin to review and develop your custom financial plan. If necessary, I will contact you to clarify the information that you provided and further discuss your financial goals and objectives.

Step 5: Plan Formulation

I conclude my research and analysis and produce the financial plan.

Step 6: Presentation of Your Financial Plan

I present your personal financial plan, which typically includes: a copy of the analysis, written summary of my conclusions and an action plan. I provide you with a current invoice and only now does the balance of the fee become due.

Step 7: Plan Implementation and Follow Up

At the conclusion of your plan presentation, we can discuss the various options for implementing the plan. If you wish, you can retain me further to help carry-out the action plan or examine additional issues.